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    Thursday, January 17th, 2013
    9:06 pm
    not eating sugar
    tonight for dinner, i made mac n cheese with green peas, soy corn dogs and boiled carrots. i really enjoyed the mac n cheese with the peas. i let the pasta boil a bit longer so that it was very soft. dinner tonight didn't take much work. it was fun and easy to prepare.

    i am going to try and cut out sugar from my diet so no more cookies, cake or candy for me.

    Current Mood: happy
    Sunday, December 2nd, 2012
    7:40 pm
    Dreams and Dinner
    I went to Ross a few weeks ago and they had these boots that I really liked. I didn't get them, but upon returning to different Ross a week later I found the boots were gone. I was very disapointed. The other night, I had a dream about these boots and I dreamt that I was at Ross and found only one shoe from the set of two.

    This evening, I went to Ross and looked in the shoe section. I didn't find the boots. I walked around and looked at other stuff. I eventually found myself back in the shoe section and there sitting on the shoe shelf was one boot and it was from the pair of the boots that I wanted just like in my dream! I searched for it's match, and after a few minutes, I found it! I couldn't believe it! I was really exicted.

    For dinner tonight, I am making fried rice with onions, peas, carrots and an egg. My boy-friend is broiling chicken in the oven. I may make some roasted fennel to go with our dinners. I am going to make tofu for my protein. I may or may not eat some chicken.

    Current Mood: happy
    Wednesday, November 28th, 2012
    7:37 pm
    Red Pepper Flakes
    Today I walked to the Dollar Tree because that's where I get my garlic powder and pepper and I was out of both. While I was in the brightly lit aisle, I happened to glance upon a small plastic bottle of red pepper flakes. I have never cooked with them before. In fact, the only time I ever used the flakes was to sprinkle on a slice of pizza. Anyway, I decided to get a bottle and try it out.

    I made a fried egg and sprinkled some of the red pepper flakes on the egg. When it was ready, I took a bite and the fried egg had a major kick! The flakes made the egg have so much more flavor! It was truly wonderful. Later, I made some whole wheat penne pasta with some marinara sauce and I put some of the pepper flakes in. This too worked out great and I was very pleased.

    For a bottle of red pepper flakes it was only a buck. I think I will keep this ingredient in my shelf from now on.

    Current Mood: full
    Friday, November 16th, 2012
    8:18 pm
    Mmmeatless Corn Dogs
    I was excited about tonight's dinner because I was going to bake some premade meatless corn dogs that I got from Trader Joe's. I was excited because I love corn dogs. They remind me of hot summer days spent at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, going on fun rides, eating salty french fries and delicious corn dogs. And even better because these were meatless soy dogs.

    I made some broccoli and baked some sweet potato fries and popped in the corn dogs at 350 degrees.

    The real test to whether these meatless dogs would be good was my boy-friend eating them, liking them and not knowing they didn't have meat.

    I served the dogs with mustard drizzled on top and my boy-friend loved them! In fact, he ate two!!

    (I also ate two, and didn't tell him that they were made from soy. These dogs tasted like the regular meat corn dogs. I will get these corn dogs again from Trader Joe's in the next week or so. They were very delicious!!)
    Thursday, November 15th, 2012
    5:31 pm
    I am going to make polenta for the first time in my whole life tonight. The other night, I went to the World Market in Oakland near Jack London Square and I bought a pack of already cooked organic polenta. I'm planning on slicing it and then panfrying them and topping them with sauce and peas. I'm also going to boil a chicken sausage for my boy-friend. He was complaining to me last night because we didn't have meat, so I promised him I'd get him some today. I wish he could give up meat too. It would make it a lot easier for me to give it up. Plus, he would be eating cruely free and healthier as well.

    When I was a kid, my mom would sometimes buy polenta from this to go place in the Berkeley Walnut Square. They would sell trays of polenta topped topped with beans and cheese and sauce and it was so delicious. Then my mom tried to make it, and it wasn't too good, but it was okay. My mom isn't a very good cook. She has a couple dishes she makes very well but her other foods lack flavor, but they are very healthy.

    I am still a little sick. My throat hurt this morning when I woke up, but I have been drinking water at work and when I got home I had about two cups of tea and counting. I also have a running nose, but I'm okay for now. HOpefully tomorrow I will get rid of this darn cold!!

    I will let you know how the polenta dish comes out.

    Current Mood: sick
    Tuesday, November 13th, 2012
    10:20 pm
    dinner tonight
    For dinner tonight, we had leftover brown rice seasoned with garlic powder, pepper and turmeric and we also had boiled carrots and some fried chicken. I had some split peas along with a small drumstick. I don't know why I ate chicken tonight. I saw it in the KFC bucket and decided to eat a piece for dinner.

    Earlier this evening, I went to World Market to get some stuff. I ended up getting some bacon popcorn for a small present and also a tube of polenta. I have never cooked polenta before so I am excited about making it in the near future.

    I am thinking of panfrying the polenta and then topping it with some marinara sauce and cheese. Then maybe I'll let it bake in the oven for a bit. I hope it will turn out to be delicious. Maybe we will have a meatless night that night when we eat our polenta.

    I'm also a little bit sick today. My throat hurts a bit and I have a slight headache, but I'm already feeling much better now than I was earlier.

    Current Mood: sick
    Monday, November 12th, 2012
    8:35 pm
    And He Thought It was Meat!
    My boy-friend has been eating fried chicken for dinner for the past several nights, so tonight I decided to make a meatless dinner for him. (and me.)

    I boiled some pasta and when it was ready I put it in a frying pan and added cream sauce and leftover sauteed spinach from last night. Then I added some meatless meatballs, garlic powder and pepper and a pinch of turmeric. I waited till everything was heated through and then I filled two plates with the pasta.

    We ate in silence for a few moments. The smells of sauce and pasta filled the air and the sounds of our chewing filled the room. Then my boy-friend said, "You know the meatballs from Ikea taste better."

    "Oh really?" I said as I watched him scarf down more pasta, meatless balls, and spinach. Finally, we were done with our dinners and we sat in our chairs full and satisfied.

    We sat in silence for a few moments.

    "Those meatballs tasted like... oatmeal" He said to me.

    "Did you like them?"

    "Yeah, they were okay. But they tasted like oatmeal."

    "Maybe it's because they're not made of meat. They're meatless!"

    "They ARE?!!" He asked surprised.

    "Yeah, they're made of soy and vegetables."

    We had a great laugh.

    "No wonder it tasted like oatmeal!"

    I have a feeling that my boy-friend is going to have a lot more meatless dinners! Yay!!

    Current Mood: full
    Sunday, November 11th, 2012
    9:15 pm
    Today a friend and I took BART to Fruitvale station and walked around International Blvd. Being on International Blvd feels like a whole different world. The sights are different, the energy is different and the smells are different. Even the manniquins in front of clothing stores are different! The models have larger butts and are much curvier than models I see at malls around where I am. The stands selling food sell stuff that I've never seen or tasted before like these clear plastic bags of yellowish chips that are flavored with lime and salt.

    We ended up eating a snack at this place called La Torta Loca and we ordered Huaraches which are these fried corn breads topped with beans, onions, salsa and meat or veggies. I got the nopal huaraches and it was really delicious. It had a nice kick to it and a lot of flavor. Nopal is a cactus that is availiable in certain grocery stores like Monterey Market in North Berkeley. My friend got the chicken huarache with horchata. Horchata is a rice milk flavored with sugar and cinnamon. The man who worked at the counter was very kind and friendly. He even came over to check on us and asked us how we liked our food.

    After we ate, we checked out the farmer's market that was near the BART station. I got a bunch of grapes for only 1.50 a pound and three persimmons. I was happy to get a good deal and the fruit was sweet and fresh which made me feel happy.

    All in all, I had a good day today. I am looking forward to my next day off. This time, I may just hang out at home and read a good book.

    Current Mood: relaxed
    Saturday, November 10th, 2012
    7:18 pm
    I had chicken tonight
    I haven't eaten meat except for a bit the other day for about a month now. Except tonight for dinner, I had fried chicken.

    My boy-friend told me he wanted to get KFC for dinner. I thought to myself, "Am I going to eat it? Or am I going to make some split peas that I have in the cabinet?" I thought this on the way to KFC and on the way back while in the car. When I got home, I ended up making some carrot mashed potatoes and I ended up putting a piece of fried chicken on my plate next to the potatoes and carrots.

    I ended up eating everything including the bicuit.

    I feel a bit disapointed in myself for giving in to eating some fried chicken, but I will have to admit that it was very delicious.

    Current Mood: calm
    Thursday, November 8th, 2012
    9:17 pm
    Meat and Veggies
    Today I was walking in the Richmond District in San Francisco. I ended up walking into a dim sum place to go and got some dim sum. As I was eating the dim sum, I realized one of them had pork in it. I ate it anyway because I didn't want to throw it away and waste it.

    So far, in place of meat I've been eating lentils, tofu and beans. I have to say I really enjoy eating lentils and tofu. Beans are okay, but when they're seasoned, they are very yummy too.

    I guess I will see if I can avoid eating meat. I think Thanksgiving dinner will be the ultimate test for me.

    Current Mood: energetic
    Wednesday, November 7th, 2012
    9:45 pm
    For dinner tonight, we mostly had leftovers. I heated up leftover boiled red beets, leftover whole wheat pasta and then I made some green lentils and I pan-fried a breaded fish fillet for my boy-friend.

    I am really starting to like lentils a lot. As a kid, I was never introduced to lentils. My parents didn't eat them and I actually didn't know they existed till later in life. I like lentils because they taste delicious, are very filling and healthy. They also make me feel warm and cozy when I eat them. They have a lot of fiber and protein. They're simple, but so yummy. I boiled the lentils with just a little bit more water than lentils, and added garlic powder, pepper and some juice from a jar of black olives. A good friend of mine suggested adding some tumeric to the lentils as they are boiling. I am looking forward to trying that. But before doing that, I need to buy some tumeric which she told me is availiable at Indian grocery stores.

    I bought the lentils at Monterey Market which is a grocery store in North Berkeley. Monterey Market is wonderful. They have so many different types of vegetables and a lot of organic produce for very reasonable prices.

    I am looking forward to cooking more lentils and more healthy dinners.

    Current Mood: tired
    5:27 pm
    Tea and Reading
    I could be having a horrible day at work or be in a negative mood feeling sorry about my life. But heating up some water to a soft boil and sliding in a tea bag into the hot water and getting a good book out of my back pack will change my whole perception toward my feelings.

    This happened today. I did not have a good day at work today. After work, I walked home in an upset state. When I got home, I went straight to the stove. I made a mug of gen mai chai then I got out my book, which is a chick book called The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner and started to read and sip.

    After about five minutes, I felt alright. After ten minutes, I felt relaxed and had a positive state of mind.

    This is one thing I love about reading a good book and drinking a cup of hot tea especially on a chilly day. It warms the heart.

    I will try to remeber this when I am feeling upset.

    Current Mood: relaxed
    5:16 pm
    San Diego Part II
    We ended up taking the trolly to San Diego State University and walked around for a bit on the campus. We went to the student store, got a bottle of water and some sliced pineapples topped with toasted coconut. Then we took the trolly to Old Town San Diego.

    Old Town San Dieogo has a lot of old fashioned shops that sell tea, cigars, soap etc and it also has a lot of Mexican shops that sell dolls, clothing and gifts. I had a great time in Old Town. It was a lot of fun and a very festive place to visit. There are also several small museums in Old Town.

    On our last day, we hung out in Balboa Park. We went to the rose garden where the pefume filled the air and the roses were gorgeous and in vivid colors like red, pink, yellow and bright orange! We visited the dessert garden and saw cacti ten times as big as we were!! And trees that had openings in their trunks so large that we could walk into them!! We had sandwiches at a cafe. I had a veggie sandwich and my boy-friend had a turkey sandwich in a croissant. Then we headed to the Natural History Museum.

    The Natural History Museum had an exhibit on chocolate! It was very neat and interesting. Chocolate used to be used as money to buy things like turkey eggs, avocados and tomatoes in the Mayan culture. I thought it was so cool how the rooms in the chocolate exhibit were scented with chocolate. (made me want to eat some!)

    After being in the museum, we drove to the car rental place dropped off the car and headed to the airport. This time, we were not late for our flight and made it an hour early.

    I had a wonderful time in San Diego. The weather was beautiful, the districts were alive and fun and all in all, I feel that San Diego is a wonderful city.

    I will miss San Diego and hopefully return to it one day.

    Current Mood: relaxed
    Tuesday, November 6th, 2012
    9:14 pm
    San Diego
    I miss San Diego already. I miss the warm weather and the excitement of being in a different and new fun place.

    The first day we were there, San Diego was having a street fair in Little Italy. Little Italy is like North Beach in San Franciso. It mainly has Italilan restaurants. We decided to check it out after taking an hour's nap in the hotel. After our nap, we walked over to the fair and were surprised by how large it was and how many people there were walking around. There were many booths selling delicious looking pastas, cold and icy drinks and hot pizza. I ended up getting a penne pasta with meatballs. It was pretty tasty. There was also a stage with a woman singing. She had a lovely voice. It was very deep and rich and got me dancing a bit.

    The next day, we walked up to the Gas Light district which is basically 4th, 5th and 6th streets. The Gas Light district is made up of mostly restaurants and a couple pawn shops and a few clothing stores. We ended up eating at TGI Fridays the first night. I ordered a hummus and pita bread dish and my boy-friend ordered a chicken dish which he really loved a lot. He said out of all the meals we enjoyed in San Diego, the meal he had at Fridays was his favorite.

    On the third day, we took about a ten minute walk to Sea Port Village. It's a very enchanting and cozy collection of gift shops with a lovely view of the water. I would suggest going in the early evening and staying until it closes because they have these beautiful lights hung everywhere that only come on late in the evening. The lights make Sea Port Village almost magical. Some of the shops there are Upstart Crow, a bookstore that has a great coffee shop and gift shop, there is a pet store that sells dog biscuits and treats, a mug store, clothing stores, tile shops and much much more. There are restaurants too. Inside Sea Port Village, there is a small lake with cute ducks swimming around. I really enjoyed this place immensely. It was wonderful.

    That night, we ate at a Japanese restaurant called "Sushi Deli 2". This place was the bomb!! Probably one of the best Japanese restaurants I've been to. I was very impressed because the prices were so reasonable and they give you a ton of food that tastes and looks delicious. I ordered the vegetable bento box. The bento box itself was huge and came with fried tofu,salad,rice,sushi,vegetable tempura (a lot!), edamame and miso soup. It was so much food that I had some for lunch the next day. And it tasted goooood!! If I ever go back to San Diego, I will be back here for sure. The only problem with this place is that there is a wait. We waited about half an hour to get a table.

    We checked out a mall that was on 6th street. It was kind of high end, so we window shopped and ended up getting hot dogs for lunch at super fries. I got the mini corn dogs with fries and I thought they were tasty. (sometimes it's fun eating junk food.) The mall was an interesting color of dark pink and I thought it was really cool how it was an outdoor mall with about three different levels and there were funky stair-cases that popped up in random spots to take you to the next level.

    I will write more tomorrow. GO OBAMA!!!! WHOOOOO WHOOOOOO!!!!

    Current Mood: happy
    6:36 pm
    Our Flight to San Diego
    A couple weeks ago, my boy-friend and I went on a trip to San Diego, California.

    Our friend Steve drove us to the San Francisco airport. I guess we were all sleepy because we missed our exit on the freeway and had to turn around. Finally, we got to the airport and checked in. Then we got in line. After serveral minutes waiting in line, a woman told my boy-friend that he had to check in his bag! It was too big as a carry on! Oh no!! This worried us because it would take a longer time and we were about to miss our flight!!

    We got out of the line and ran to the desk to check in his bag. This took about 5 minutes. Then we got back in line and the line was pretty long by now. We were both very nervous and hoping we wouldn't miss our flight. A nice man in front of us overheard us talking and let us cutt him in line. After we went through the tsa screening, we put our shoes on as fast as we could, grabbed our carry-ons and ran! We ran by people, saying, "Excuse me! Excuse me!!" and finally we made it to our gate.

    The lady at the gate smiled at us and said to us that we had made it on time. She checked our tickets and we boarded the plane.

    We were the last two people to board. Boy, were we relieved.

    Current Mood: excited
    Wednesday, October 31st, 2012
    5:48 pm
    Drinking Tea and Relaxing
    Today I met up with a friend at Asha tea house in Downtown Berkeley and we both got their green milk tea with tapioca pearls. It was very refreshing and delicious except the balls were a little bit firm.

    After that, we walked down Shattuck Ave which is a street in downtown to a grocery store called Berkeley Bowl. Berkeley Bowl has a large selection of vegetables and other grocery items. I love Berkeley Bowl because it seems like they have every type of vegetable including fiddlehead ferns!! They even have edible flowers.

    I walked by their cheese section and sampled a piece of their asiago cheese and it was yummy. I ended up getting two instant soups, one a corn chowder and another one was the cous cous minnestrone soup. I also got some wonton skins to make wontons later this week and I got a box of Numi Toasted Rice tea which is also called "Gen Mai Cha."

    That's what I am sipping on now and it's really putting me in a chill state. I love it.

    Current Mood: relaxed
    Tuesday, October 30th, 2012
    11:47 pm
    I got on the computer tonight to write a review on yelp and was greeted with a page saying that I was banned from the site. What?! I don't know what I did to get banned. I am frustrated because I really enjoy writing reviews on Yelp. I find it fun and relaxing. If I only knew why they banned me then my mind could rest, but they didn't even give me one single reason. I am left in wonder.

    Current Mood: frustrated
    Monday, October 29th, 2012
    7:34 pm
    For dinner tonight I heated up some leftover lasagne, leftover lentils,leftover fried rice and I boiled some brussel spouts and made a tomato salad with jalepenos, cilantro, olive oil, garlic powder and pepper.

    For my boy-friend, I heated up some leftover shrimp pasta and added the boiled brussel spouts and tomato/jalepeno/cilatro salad.

    Current Mood: full
    6:25 pm
    Watching too Much TV
    When I lived alone, I rarely watched T.V. I had a small screen and a dvd player so I would watch movies that I got from the library. Or I would read, draw and listen to music. I even lived for about 3 years without a tv. (This was when I was living in a garage that didn't have a heater.) Now, I watch up to four hours of tv a day or more! It's on when I wake up, it's on when I get home from work and it's on 'till I am about to go to bed. It doesn't help that we just got cable a couple of days ago.

    I enjoy watching tv because it relaxes me and I don't have to think while I'm watching it. I can slowly unwind from my day and chill out. My tv isn't critical of me, doesn't make me feel sad or upset. It's also nice to have in the background. However, the negative side to watching so much tv is that I am not being creative or productive. I am just sitting in chair and muching on junk food or fruit while spacing out. (But enjoying it!)

    I like to watch the food network and sometimes I get caught up in watching reality tv shows. I find the reality tv shows entertaining, but I also find that most of the time, the women in the shows are really mean to each other. Ths is not good because it's negative energy.

    I guess in the long run, watching too much tv can lead to health problems, but watching tv in moderation is fine. I think I will try to watch a little bit less, and maybe go out walking instead.

    Current Mood: happy
    Sunday, October 28th, 2012
    5:57 pm
    I am getting dinner ready for tonight. Earlier today, I went to Monterey Market which is a grocery store specializing in vegetables and fruits. I bought a number of items. For dinner tonight, I am roasting some fennel, boiling some green beans and also boiling some green lentils. I am making turkey burgers again for my boy-friend along with the veggies I am eating. He will not eat lentils because he doesn't like beans. He says they give him gas.

    Hopefully dinner will turn out good.

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